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Meet the Band

David Brown

Referred to as "The Whistling Wizard" Dave has been playing with George for the best part of 20 years. Being first cousins and best friends they set up a local session together which became The Rising Sons.

In the beginning Dave was just helping George to have a bigger and better sound but having always shown a brilliant vocal himself he has built a following in his own right as a performer and has a great confidence, presence and experience on the stage.

Declan Parsons

Declan is a multi instrumentalist who plays guitar, mandolin, whistles, piano and also sings very well.

Joining up with The Rising Sons session from day 1 he proved himself to be a huge asset to the group with his unique playing style, his huge repertoire of songs, great knowledge of the art and finally his song writing abilities.

He wrote a brilliant song for the group entitled 'Sidneys Boys'. The song is about his great grand uncles, IRA members, who died in 1921 after burning down the Custom House. Sidney was their mothers name and the song is told through her eyes

Jimmy Morrison

Jimmy is another multi instrumentalist who plays guitar, banjo, octave mandolin and harmonica.

Jimmy has played in many bands and at many sessions over the years gathering a wealth of knowledge and a huge catalogue of songs and tunes.

He brought his talents to the table of The Sons sessions and has been a permanent fixture ever since.

Joey 'The Bass' Hughes

Joey is the man who has been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt.

Playing with bands for many many years Joey, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, is fit as a fiddle and decided to take his bass down off the wall and dust it off when he heard of a little session starting down the road from his house.

The Bass took the sound and dynamic of the group to new places and gave the songs a huge lift.

It was this lift that made the lads think perhaps this is a show we could take on the road and play the big stages around the country.

Tommy Whelan

Tommy is the Sons electric guitarist and has riffs in his fingers that Hendrix would be proud of.

A master of knowing how to build a song Tommy knows how important an ingredient the electric is and therefore ya might not hear him coming in shredding the electric all the time as a lot of the songs just dont require it however when he does come in it has a wow factor that has the listener on the edge of their seats.

Playing in great rock bands over the years Tommy has found a new home with his fellow Sons and knows exactly how to apply himself within the group.

Shane O Hannigan

Shane is the Sons percussionist and has an unorthodox style of playing that marries perfectly with The Sons sound.

Having been smacking a bodhran since he was in nappies Shane found a way to play along with literally any genre of music spanning from classic ballads to gangster rap.

Shane can hold a room playing a tune all on his own. People are drawn to the beats and chemistry he provides and he has become a huge part of The Sons overall sound.

Sean Regan

Sean is one of the most talented fiddle players in the land.

Providing his talents for Sharon Shannon, Damien Dempsey and Finbar Furey to name but a few The Sons couldn't believe their luck when Sean came onboard to offer his services to the group.

His ideas when it comes to song writing and studio work are and have been invaluable.

Being a thoroughbred professional he brings out the best in all musicians around him and his onstage sound and presence is unmatched as far as The Sons are concerned.

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